the hatter

You may know Todd Fink as a competitive skateboarder, a billiard shark, a synth punk singer (The Faint), or a visual artist/designer. One thing you’ve almost certainly noticed about him is that he’s always got a hat on.

The obsession dates back to his childhood. Frustrated with the consumer hat options, in 2007 he began making his own headwear, and ever since he’s been fielding the question, “Where can I buy that hat?”  Ten years later, he has been inspired to launch Recapitate, making his modern take on high quality headwear available to the public.

To Todd, a hat is more than a head covering—it is an extension of self, an expression, a work of art meant to be lived in. He has carried this philosophy into his business, and so the Recapitate hat is built to express, to live with you, to travel with you, to breathe with you …to age with you.