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Sizing Guide

Measure Your Head

Use a flexible tape measure (not stretchy!) to measure around your head. A sewing tape measure works perfectly. You are looking to measure the biggest part of your head. Usually this is an inch or so above your eyebrows and 1/8" above your ears. It should be about the tightness you’ll want your hat to be.   If you prefer to wear your hats tilted upward (“halo style”) then measure it at that angle as well.

Make the measurement in centimeters including a decimal point to account for the millimeters (example - 57.4cm). Results will vary so measure several times. This is most accurately done by someone other than yourself, but if you've got a mirror, that will work.  When in doubt it may be wise to choose the larger size.   If it's a little big, folded newspaper can be fitted between the sweatband and the hat.  A hat that's too small requires a hat stretcher.  Find your size on the chart below:


Other Sizes

Hats in the Gnosis Collection are available in sizes 56cm-60cm.  If you wear another size, contact us to request information about creating the custom hat of your dreams! 

Sweatbands & Lining

Unless otherwise noted in the individual product description, Recapitate hats are finished with premium black sheep leather sweatbands.  They’re strong, supple, and designed to deal with sweat. Like a quality leather shoe, your hat will take the shape of your head as you wear it. 

By default, the inner crown of Recapitate hats come branded with our bandit logo. You may notice that some of the hats in the Ready To Wear section come “lined” with silk.  If you’d like to add this to the inner crown of your Custom Recapitate order, just let us know when you make your order.


Custom Hats

 There are reasons one hat looks good on you and another looks awful.  A Recapitate Custom hat takes your personal features into account.  What are they? Attributes like head size, head shape, facial structure, height, silhouette, jaw shape, eye color and of course your personal style and general color palette.  Often, people are naturally attracted to the styles that will look good on them, but we all know that our preferences and our specific circumstances don't always align so neatly.  If you can meet for a consultation appointment at our showroom (in Omaha) that'd be great.    If not, emailing a photo or two will work just fine. Let us know if you would like us to send a flexible tape measure for you to measure your head circumference. (Take a look at the instructions above for how to measure your head accurately.)

If you would like some information about our custom hat options just send us a message from the Contact page.  You'll receive a price list along with information about our materials and a chart of color choices.   Treat yourself to something that has been handcrafted especially for you!


If you are unhappy with your Recapitate hat, it may be returned for store credit or exchanged within 14 days of purchase. We do not issue refunds. Original shipping fees are non-refundable. All shipping costs are the customer's responsibility. Returned items must show no signs of wear or damage. 


International orders welcome!  Please contact us to discuss the shipping details .